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Freedom From Painful Conditions

Imagine – freedom and relief from back pain, neck pain, or headaches. You'll feel terrific when your body's natural health and healing is assisted with chiropractic care from the Hughes Chiropractic Health Center. Whether you're suffering injuries from an auto accident, a sports mishap, or a fall. Get on the road to recovery with the help of the doctors at Hughes Chiropractic Health Center in Auburn, WA.

Enjoy Health and Increased Quality of Life

Your body was designed to restore and maintain its own health. When you're healthy, life is so much more enjoyable in every way – family life, job performance, academic excellence, and athletic accomplishment.

When your spine is misaligned – called a "subluxation" – it interferes with the normal flow of the nerve system, and your body cannot function as it should. The result is a decrease in the quality of life. Subluxations can affect a body at any age, from childhood through adulthood to advanced years.

Stereoscopic X-rays Provide a Better View on Your Spinal Health

On your first visit to Hughes Chiropractic, x-rays will be taken. Rest assured that you will receive the very lowest exposure possible, with less radiation and a shorter amount of time. For follow-up care, no further x-rays are needed. We have other analytical tools to let us know if you’re suffering nerve pressure.

At Hughes Chiropractic, your x-rays are examined with special stereoscopic equipment which gives you and your doctor a more accurate 3D view. Unlike 2D x-rays taken by other chiropractors, this stereoscopic 3D view will provide a more accurate and detailed picture of your spinal health. After carefully analyzing your x-rays taken on your first visit, the doctor will evaluate how best to adjust your spine, if needed, to help optimize your healthy outcome.

The Safe and Effective Palmer Toggle-Recoil Technique

Using the respected Toggle-Recoil technique, doctors at Hughes Chiropractic specialize in correcting these subluxations so your body can return to its optimum state of health through regular chiropractic care.

The doctors at Hughes Chiropractic consistently see results from a spinal-adjustment technique called the Hole-in-One (HIO), perfected by the developer of chiropractic, Dr. B. J. Palmer. The HIO principle is that once your cervical area at the top of your spine is corrected, the rest of your spine is free to align itself properly. Then your nervous system, no longer restricted, allows your body to heal naturally.

Now You Can Get the Health You Deserve

Considering chiropractic care is a personal decision, so feel free to call and get to know us. You are also welcome to drop by our office whenever we’re open. Ask us any questions you’d like about Hughes Chiropractic Health Center and our approach to helping you maximize your health and well-being. If you’d like to interview a doctor, you may do so with no obligation whatsoever.

We are currently accepting new patients, so contact us and get started on the road to better health today!

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