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Do Children Need Chiropractic Adjustments?

Chiropractic care is vital for adults to be able to achieve good health and reach their potential. And chiropractic care is important for children, so they can establish that vitality early in life to continue through to adulthood. Just as the nerve systems control and coordinate bodily functions in children as well as in adults, childrens’ vertebrae can also become subluxated and interfere with the function of their nervous system. The only difference is that children still have a lifetime ahead of them, which will manifest the results of the care they receive today.

How Early Can Children Be Adjusted?

Subluxations can occur at any time in life, even during the baby’s birth. That’s why parents who understand the benefits of chiropractic have their newborn babies checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible. By correcting subluxations at an early age, damaging effects can be prevented. The longer a subluxation is present, the greater the effects of the interference to the nerve system and the more the vertebra becomes accustomed to being in the wrong position. Many adults who come into a chiropractor’s office for the first time would have had far greater potential for regaining their health had they received regular chiropractic care as a child.

Children Make Great Patients!

Adjusting a child’s spine is not difficult. Children have not had long-standing subluxations, their muscles are usually not as tense, and they are generally more relaxed than adults. Not only are children easier to adjust under most circumstances, but they also hold their adjustments for longer periods of time. However, with the falls, accidents, injuries, and generally active lives that most children experience, regular checkups are important.

Using the Palmer Toggle-Recoil method with an infant can have great results almost instantly. A modified version is used, with a special headpiece for the baby, and there is virtually no force. It is very safe and effective.

Children Enjoy Visits To Our Office

At our family-friendly health center, children enjoy a special corner in the waiting room set aside just for them featuring kids’ books and a puzzle table.

When you come in for an adjustment, there’s no need to find a baby-sitter for your children. Bring the kids along! We love babies, toddlers, and older children. And we’re just as concerned about their health as we are about yours.





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