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Finding Relief from Pain
Caused by Injuries or Accidents

Have you been injured at work, at home, or in an automobile accident? Has your child been hurt in a fall, while playing sports, or through some other trauma? Now you and your family can find the relief you deserve, so you can live pain free again! The doctors at Hughes Chiropractic Health Center can help your body function the way it was intended in restoring and maintaining your health.

Recover Your Health Naturally, Without Drugs or Surgery

When nerve obstruction in your spine is eliminated, the your body is allowed to heal itself. When signals sent from your brain, down your spine, to the rest of your body are allowed to flow unimpeded, the bodily processes that are necessary for your health and well-being simply function more efficiently. Accidents and injuries can cause the vertebra in your spine to become misaligned (subluxated). That misalignment interferes with your nerve system, and your body cannot function as it should.

The doctors at the Hughes Chiropractic Health Center use the Palmer Toggle-Recoil technique to correct subluxations. Careful analysis of the stereoscopic x-rays taken on your first visit to the Hughes Chiropractic Health Center will reveal where your spine needs adjustment. Then, using Toggle-Recoil, the doctor will deliver a quick, specific thrust to the subluxated area so your body can function normally once again. Imagine living pain-free and enjoying life again!

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