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Founder's Legacy

Dr. Harold T. Hughes (1921–2011), the father of Dr. Brad and Dr. Tom, served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. When the war ended, he and his wife and daughter returned to his home state of Iowa.

A student at Palmer College of Chiropractic suggested that H. T.'s constant sneezing and allergies could be helped by chiropractic care. After H. T. tried it, his allergies soon disappeared. Desiring to help others who were suffering from ill health, he enrolled at Palmer College to become a chiropractor himself.

Bringing Chiropractic Care to Washington State

While Dr Hughes was at Palmer College, he learned that since 1927, the medical profession had prevented Washington State from granting any licenses to chiropractors. After he graduated in 1947, Dr. Hughes and 12 fellow graduates moved to Washington State to help change the law and open the state to chiropractors. He founded his Auburn practice in 1948. It took until 1957 to change the law and achieve chiropractic licensure in this state.

The first nine years of practice as a chiropractor were not easy for Dr. Hughes. He knew he risked arrest for practicing without a license in order to help people recover their health. However, thanks to all the patients who were getting better, plus the support of the community and the fact that medical doctors in Auburn had no complaints about him, Dr. Hughes continued to build a successful practice. In 1968, he designed and built a larger office at 1202 East Main Street in Auburn and that's where Hughes Chiropractic Health Center is still located today.

Dr. Hughes was an Active and Notable Presence in the Chiropractic Profession

Dr. H. T. Hughes was very active in the chiropractic profession and other business organizations and received many honors. They include:

Hughes Chiropractic Health Center Founder Revived Lost Manuscript

One of Dr. H. T. Hughes' many contributions to the field of chiropractic was acquiring the lost manuscript for The Great Undertow by Dr. B. J. Palmer, the developer of the chiropractic profession. Dr. Hughes acquired the book from the widow of the editor of the original manuscript. Then Dr. Rob Sinnot, an avid chiropractic historian, invested more than 400 hours into re-editing the book. Dr. Hughes readied the book for publication.

Unfortunately, Dr. Hughes passed away just days before the book was to be printed, but his sons completed the final steps and are honoring Dr. Hughes' wishes that 100% of the book's proceeds go to the H.T. Hughes' Medal 75 Trust Fund Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to chiropractic students based on their academic excellence and financial need.

"I promise you that this is without question the most important book written by BJ Palmer. It is a book for today. It speaks to the issues we face today with clarity, if we would but learn from these pages. It has my wholehearted endorsement to any interested in the future of the profession. No chiropractic book collection is near complete without this book, and it should be required reading in our schools!"
~ Rob Sinnott, DC, LCP, FPhC

Legacy of Compassionate, Gentle, Family-Focused Care

Dr. H. T. Hughes' view of chiropractic was always to help his patients enjoy a better level of health through the elimination of nerve interference. His philosophy was that this type of care is superior to merely treating symptoms of illness. He will be remembered by thousands of patients and friends as a professional gentleman, a compassionate caring doctor, and dedicated family man.




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